Almost two years since the last post and it seems like its time to post again. Lots of things have happened in the almost 4 years of doing simple church. Here are some things that happened in those four years.

  • Just me and the Lord for a few months
  • A time of mentoring/discipling with my niece and her husband
  • Visiting other house churches
  • Creating various directories of simple churches in DFW
  • Working with others to form the DFW Organic Church Connection (newsletter, directory, area-wide activities) to help connect local groups
  • Moss Farm House Church – 4-5 families meeting Sep 2006 – Aug 2008
  • Planning picnics and other events (with others) for area groups
  • Meeting with a twenty-something group
  • Watching a group I was part of split over a doctrinal issue
  • Watch a group of leaders (across groups) grapple with divisive doctrinal positions
  • Experiencing community in a Wednesday prayer breakfast group that is more church than we give it credit for (started in 2000 and my involvement survived my transition to simple church)
  • Watching a new simple church gain intimacy and facing the diversity in faith and struggle with commitment to relationship
  • Asking myself “what is church” about a million times
  • Continued wonder at what God does and does not reveal in scripture
  • Watching my own (blood) family deal with differences in beliefs about form/function of church

It has been fun to see God reveal himself in so many ways through all the experiences. My faith has grown by leaps and bounds with respect to how God achieves his purposes in large and small ways without my understanding or knowledge. I am much more at peace knowing that I am not critical to God’s success. If I screw up or don’t “step up”, that will not slow down, complicate, or divert God’s plan. Without all that pressure, I can trust God to give me daily “nudges”. I don’t need to know the plan, just follow the nudges as my faith/will allows. It’s been interesting to see my sense/confidence in nudges grow over the years, and my expectations around that sense of God’s direction grows every week.