My brother, Alan, made an amazingly poignant statement in a Bible study four or five months ago. A statement that has taken on a life of its own in my reconsideration of God’s will for me and the rest of mankind. I thought I’d title it Yeldell’s Axiom of Obvious Omission. So here it is…

If it were so important to God, why didn’t He just spell it out in clear terms?

I forget the point of disagreement, but it was something about the frequency, content, or practice of the Lord’s Supper. Wouldn’t this work nicely on other doubtful disputations like transubstantiation, instrumental music, the continuation of supernatural gifts, and infant baptism. So next time you feel compelled to take a point too far, remember Alan Yeldell’s Axiom of Obvious Omission and move on to the more important practice of faith and love.