A month after quitting BRCC, a question keeps coming up… Can’t you continue to attend BRCC while you are planting churches when there aren’t schedule conflicts between the two?

Actually, I left BRCC because I couldn’t in good faith continue with the practices of institutional church (see 12/31/2005 entry). In the last three to four institutional meetings, I had such a roaring objection going on in my head such that I wasn’t doing myself or anyone else any good. So my departure from BRCC had more to do with my conscientious objection to the forms, practices, limitations of institutional church than conflicting with my efforts to plant house churches among the unchurched.

While at BRCC, I was on the Missions Committee and the long range planning committee. Both of these efforts involved the propagation of institutional church practices. It had gotten to the point of hypocrisy for me to continue in those roles when I had concluded that that was not the NT church model and certainly not better than the NT church model.