How will you be able to conduct an edifying corporate worship if you are in a relatively small space and there is no children’s church, cry room, or nursery?  

Simply put, you would use a family get-together model. The children are included or sent out depending on what the activity is. Mothers should not feel like they are constantly under the microscope when one of the babies or toddlers causes distraction. Grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, and cousin-types in the church family should help with the entertainment of the children so that the mothers can be involved (and aren’t worn out) and so the meeting time isn’t forced into a kid’s party.  It’s hard to put a value on children’s sense of involvement in our meetings. In these meetings they will see real world struggle among the adults and know what to expect as they grow up. They will have positive, adult, non-parent relationships that will build a strong foundation for a life of faith and balance.

Every group will have a difference situation, a different mix of ages, different behavior among the kids, different types of houses. This is an age-old challenge requiring common sense solutions.