The description of what I’m doing in the Jan 8 BRCC bulletin (see Big Church Little Church entry) seems a little grand, engineered, self directed, and action-oriented, so I’m disliking it more every time I read it. The truth is that I don’t have a plan, but I’m wanting to be available for God’s plan. I’ve connected with some concepts around simple church and organic church planting, so in a sense, I have a clue, but this is hardly a clean, project plan driven effort. How you transition a family out of BRCC and into some yet-to-be planted church is starting to look messy.

One of the tasks that was missing on my non-existent project plan was to give Colton (age 9.8) and Noah (age 6.5) a 411 on what I was doing. All the sudden Dad is blowing off church!! They’ve never seen this before. Emily (19 yr old daughter) wonders how the boys will know my spiritual mettle if they don’t see me religiously going to church. Lord willing I will find a way to convey my spiritual values to the kids beyond attendance at services and classes.

Stay tuned as I document more missing tasks on my non-existent plan.