In this coming Sunday’s bulletin at BRCC, there is this announcement.


Robin Yeldell has left BRCC to pursue simple church (e.g. house church) planting among the unchurched in the Dallas area.  He has been studying and praying over this for some time and felt it was time to take action.  He requests your prayer support as he begins this effort.  Caitlin, Colton and Noah will continue at BRCC for the time being.

Compare those 61 words to all the words on this blog and that will eventually be added to this blog. In our big church setting we have about that much space to share with the church what’s going on in our lives.

Big Church
Little Church

61 words

61K words

Hi, how are you? 

Good. You?


Completely clueless about how to connect with God… How to make sense of my relationship with him… How to make sense of the troubles in my life… Kids don’t even look at me much less care what I think… Me and the wife haven’t had sex in a month, I guess we may be having problems… Feeling like a lazy bum, and not sure what God is leading me to do… on and on and on

pursue church planting among the unchurched

I’ve got to get out the rut of what I’m doing and I’m thinking God is calling me to a smaller, more intimate church experience, but I’m thinking it should be as part of starting small churches among those who don’t do church already… on and on and on


I like to plant a few fictitious attention-getters in my illustrations to see if people are actually reading these things. Did you find one in this entry?