Monday, January 02, 2006 

In 2003-2004 timeframe, I read Lagard Smith’s book “Radical Restoration” that raised questions about the legitimacy of our (church of Christ) practices around buildings, paid staff, congregational eldership, youth compartmentalization, Lord’s supper separation from common meal.


In the August 2005, I attended a Mission Alive workshop with Don Fuller and Ferrell Eudy to assist with the research on church planting in support of Buckingham Road’s long term planning effort. After that workshop, I inquired with Lagard Smith if radically restored churches had, to his knowledge, been established anywhere in the DFW area. Lagard responded saying that none had formed anywhere that he knew of.


From there, I began researching house churches and other non-institutional church approaches which led me to find a movement of sorts of house churches. I read a lot of books related to house churches.


Simply Church Tony and Felicity Dale
Houses that Change the World Wolfgang Simson
Organic Church Neil Cole
How Christianity Grows in the City Alvin Jennings
Women in the Church: Refocusing the Discussion Carroll Osborn
Directions for the Road Ahead – Stability in Change Among Churches of Christ Jim Sheerer and Charles L. Williams
Church Planting Movements David Garrison
New Testament God
Revolution George Barna
The Worldly Church C. Leonard Allen et al
Ten Lies the Church Tells Women J. Lee Grady
Getting Started (workbook on starting house churches) Felicity Dale


I attended the “Where Are We Now?” mini-lectureship sponsored by the White Rock Church of Christ on September 17, 2005. The lectureship did much to recognize changes that were occurring in the world and in mainline churches of Christ. Agenda, speakers, and articles can be found at


The weekend of December 16-18, 2005, Caitlin and I attended an organic church planting workshop, Greenhouse Story 1, in Ft. Worth. The workshop is sponsored by the organization that Neil Cole (Organic Church book author) co-directs.


Even from my youth, I’ve been uncomfortable with the emphasis that we have put on things that seem to be minors like formulaic approach to salvation and corporate worship. When you do an unfiltered read of the Bible, you come up with a very different emphasis than what we’ve historically focused on.


Anyway… A lot of influences seem to converge on the final months of 2005 that led me to making the break with BRCC. For the last couple of months, I was in constant prayer and fasting seeking God’s direction, so I’d be tempted to say that God led me to this move.